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After a Cruel Summer, it's time for Snow on the Beach

As Summer 2023 comes to a close, it may come as a relief for some and sadness for others. Either way, I hope this finds you and yours having had an enjoyable, relaxing and memorable few months.

In terms of music, it has also been the year of Taylor Swift. Perhaps you have been listening to her albums as much as I have. Perhaps you’ve listened to my own piano music (in which case, a big virtual hug to you!). So, perhaps it’s only appropriate that this new music single combines the best of both worlds.

Available tomorrow, my ambient piano cover of Taylor Swift’s “Snow on the Beach” will be available for streaming on all major music platforms and for download on Bandcamp.

I sincerely hope you enjoy my take on Taylor’s beautiful melody.

Thank you for listening and all your support!

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