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...Pianist & composer Lena Natalia is a storyteller who speaks through a piano rather than a pen, able to create scenes, moments, and characters only through the moods and melodies of her compositions...."

–Stationary Travels

2023 | 1 Song | 4 min 06 sec
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“Gorgeous original piano compositions.”
— Classique ONE Paris Radio

“The mix of engaging lead melodies counterpointed by deft left hand work help this solo piano work stand out.”
— Independent Clauses
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“...I find her compositions deeply affecting and often wistful with an air of reminiscent longing...Lena’s music isn’t noted by particularly overt crescendos or musical peaks throughout. Rather, her generally understated yet undeniably intricate compositions tend to beguilingly shimmer like filtered light beneath a watery surface."
— Journeyscapes Radio
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"It is curious how, despite the homogeneity of the overall taste, each composer featured on this disc has its own world...'View from the Shore,' by the American Lena Natalia, has a narrative edge and a decidedly neoclassical or postclassical structure."
— La Republicca

"View From the Shore' is the new track which shows the unquiet and essential melodies of her sound."
— Son of Marketing
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Sheet Music
PDF sheets of modern classical compositions by
Lena Natalia for piano. Includes unlimited streaming of a specific track purchased via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC, and more.
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